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1 note | Feb 24, 2013 @ 12:08pm | posted 1 year ago

imaurel replied to your post: The House of Spirits - Isabelle Allende

If you can stand disturbing dog sex and possible incest, this was a great one (and movies). She was family to the overthrown Chilean Allende and took quite a bit from that experience, and then some. A sort of mystical realism.

corsetscars replied to your postThe House of Spirits - Isabelle Allende

That is a fantastic book, may I say.

OOhh seems interesting!

ifreakinlovebooks replied to your postJane Eyre :)

Me too! I bought about 10 classics in december and the only one I’ve read so far was Peter Pan and I’m not even sure that really counts as a classic! I found it really disappointing by the way.

I just finished Pride and Prejudice and I liked it. I’m very careful with classics because I don’t want to read anything that I won’t like and stop me from reading more classics :(

vforveronika replied to your postthe chaos walking series by rick yancey

I need to read this too! Especially before they turn it into a movie and the rest of the world catches on! lol
I have the first book on my shelf already. I just need time to read it. 

vforveronika replied to your postLife As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer?

Yay! I’ve found a book you’ve read!!! I can’t wait for the 4th one too!!! I have no clue what will happen though
I love the concept of the series because it really shows what caused the “dystopian” world as it was happening. I was thinking I could probably use it as a survival guide in case anything like that happens. 

urabowlofsoupdearie replied to your postAirhead by Meg Cabot

I think I may have just replied an empty thing. You should really check these books out; they are much cooler than the name entails.

I haven’t read anything by Meg Cabot since Princess Diaries and I liked that series. 

mrs-crunchbar replied to your postThe Matched Trilogy

omg I agree! of maybe even made is into 4 books instead of 3, but I really like how all my ships worked in the end

I felt like that Reached was a totally different book. It introduced so much new plot and tried to tie it up in the end. 

jeldun replied to your postLord Loss

You’re missing out, The Demonata series is amazing
Added on the list then.
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