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I made this as a fun way to get to know my followers, for others to follow new blogs, and discover new books to read :)

If you want to be part of my family, read through the existing list to determine which characters have already been taken. Once you have thought of a BOOK character you wanted that is not taken yet, just send me a message -give 2-3 characters for back-up just in case.

If you wanted to change your character, the new one you have chosen can’t already be on this list. Again, just send me a message stating the name of your previous character and the new one you would like to be :)

If you change your URL, please let me know. If someone requested the same character and it’s a dead end because you didn’t tell me your new one, I will give it to them. 

NOTE: You don’t need to be a book blog to be part of the family. As long as you’re following me, I’m all for it. :)


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